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We have our own specialized means of transportation.



Own specialized means of transportation

We have our own specialized means of transportation. At present, we have at our disposal 5 SCANIA trucks, and 3 DAF trucks which satisfy the requirements of EURO 3 and EURO 5, three 1- and 3-chamber tankers, and 5 refrigerated vehicles.

Controlled temperature conditions

We can transport foodsuffs in controlled temperature conditions of total load up to 35 tons.


GPS Monitoring

Thanks to the implemented GPS monitoring, we are able to inform our clients on the exact location of a given delivery.
To satisfy growing demands of our present and prospective customers, we are constantly developing our offer.


Transportation all over Europe

The quality of our services is of high importance to us that is why we are investing in improving our processes.

We offer transport services within our country, as well as all over Europe. We have all certificates, licenses, and permissions indispensable to carrying goods.

Our company complies with all veterinary requirements conceming foodstuffs transportation.



Moreover, we guarantee that all orders will be properly executed. We adjust our services to specific demands of our clients.

We are one of the few companies in the business which has its own means of transportation. 

Customer is most important

We are one of the leading manufacturers of egg products.
Our customers' demands and needs are among our top priorities.

Please contact us

Do you prefer telephone contact? Call. We will answer every question and adjust the offer to your needs. Below is a button that just clicks and your mobile device automatically connects.

Do you prefer contact by mail? Excellently! Send us an email and we will answer every question and customize the offer to your needs. Below is a button that will automatically open your email application when clicked.

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WEKO Polska Sp. z o.o.                     
Moszczanka 96,
63-440 Raszków


Phone: +48 62 734 88 10
or +48 62 735 06 00
Fax +48 62 734 88 11