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The most important for us is quality.



Production under supervision

We have been granted all required permissions, and our production is constantly monitored by County Veterinary Doctor
appointed by the County Veterinary Inspection.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) - system aimed at ensuring safety of a product, devised and implemented in the year 2000.


Quality control

thanks to the use of HACCP the quality control starts already at the time of receiving raw materials, and locating hazards in the production process enables taking effective corrective measures, which results in eliminating a defective product.

European Union markets

Chief Veterinary Doctor's Certificate allows our products to be sold and used on European Union markets.
FSSC 22000, KAT, KOSHER Certificates.


Selected raw materials

As raw materialsfor production, our company uses fresh, clean, and candled eggs that come from our own hen houses and approved hen houses.
Choosing the right suppliers and receiving raw materials is governed by proper procedures within the HACCP system.

Natural and healthy products.

Our products do not contain any chemicals or preservatives.They are natural, healthy, and safe.
Raw materials, as well as our products are tested for the presence of antibiotics. 

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