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Keeping all the advantages of fresh eggs



Cooperation with market leaders

We are proud that among our customers are the most important and leading manufacturers from the food industry.

Safe intermediates

Pasteurized egg products are semi-finished products of high quality, cleanliness, and safety guaranteed by the use of pasteurization which eliminates the hazard of food poisoning.



Our processing methods enable us to obtain a large assortment of egg products presenring all qualities of a fresh egg
(its color, flavor, smell, texture).

Easy to use

We provide fresh, high quality, easy to use egg products recommended by state and EU sanitary authorities.


Basic offer

Our standard offer includes:
Pasteurized liquid egg mass (which enjoys the highest demand on the market),
Egg white (widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries),
Egg yolk (mainly used in the production of mayonnaise, dressings, liqueurs),
Specific products based on individual recipes (e.g. with salt or sugar, enzymatically stabilized, mixtures of mass and yolk).



The way we pack our products and send them to customers:
- 10 kg and 20kg bags
- 1000 kg plastic and metal containers
- 25 000 kg tanks (single or multi-chamber)

Please contact us

Do you prefer telephone contact? Call. We will answer every question and adjust the offer to your needs. Below is a button that just clicks and your mobile device automatically connects.

Do you prefer contact by mail? Excellently! Send us an email and we will answer every question and customize the offer to your needs. Below is a button that will automatically open your email application when clicked.

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WEKO Polska Sp. z o.o.                     
Moszczanka 96,
63-440 Raszków


Phone: +48 62 734 88 10
or +48 62 735 06 00
Fax +48 62 734 88 11